We’re All Bats Listening Arts Channel

“In Pieces” is a series of streaming performances designed to turn the entirety of each audience member’s house into a spatial sound work – without any special equipment. The work takes advantage of the technologies people already have available (laptops, cell phones, tablets, TV, smart watches, etc) and the site specificity of each person’s home to create a large-scale interactive home listening experience. A response to Corona lockdown and cancelled performances, “All The Kings Horses…” attempts to find a creative solution to the impossibility of multichannel concert listening experiences at people’s own homes while empowering each audience member to create their own unique listening environment.  

Audience members are provided  multiple streaming sites (4+), instructed to stream on all available devices, and to place these devices around their house. Listening, movement, placement, and conceptual instructions are provided as potential actions for interaction during the performance.

Because of the variety of listening devices, sonic experiences will be radically different for each person due to the size of the speakers and quality of each playback mechanism. Additionally, the latency introduced by the speed of the internet creates staggered and constantly shifting delays between the devices. A single sonic event sent to all streams at the same time will arrive at each device at a different time – resulting in a lush cacophony of sound. 


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Performances are streamed live from a computer lab with 15 iMacs: