Into Sound @ Ölberg-Kirche Berlin, DE

“Twelve Lonely Speakers” is a multichannel sound work that explores the threshold where a composition becomes “spatial” – creating a symbiotic relationship between sound, space, pitch, and timbre in which none can exist without the other. Part of a larger series of ‘anti-spatial’ mutichannel sound works, “Twelve Lonely Speakers” uses a hemispheric 12 channel ambisonic system in a deficient way: mono. Sound only comes from one speaker at a time. No panning, no fading between speakers: only sharp cuts from speaker to speaker. At slow speeds, spatial rhythms punctuate the room, but as speaker switching speeds up to audio rate, this imperceptibly fast movement begins defining pitches and timbres that are a product of the speaker movement. What is created is a completely unique three dimensional (but monophonic) sonic space.

Photos by Jakob Gilke

A binaural recording from the event – please use headphones:

Into Sound · Twelve Lonely Speakers – Doron Sadja