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Clocktower Gallery @ Pioneer Works, NYC, USA

“Standing Waves, Falling Air” is a performance  work that uses sheets of plastic, computer controlled fans, and synchronized light and sound to explore the materiality of wind and sound.  Large suspended sheets of plastic become massive flowing sails: fluid objects that make visible the patterns of wind that surround us.  Extremely thin and delicate, these plastic sheets pick up even the slightest of variations in airflow, transforming into an ethereal landscape and submerging the audience as if underwater.  Using high intensity flickering lights with oscillating speeds, the work plays with the audience’s perception of time and movement, with subtle changes in flicker tempo creating dramatic shifts in the sense of speed of these undulating sails, from real time movement to illusory slow motion.  Combined with synchronized sound, the work offers a visualization of the invisible flow of wind, sound and light around us while creating a fragile yet unpredictable immersive choreography.