<small wonders>

small wonders is the upcoming album from audiovisual artist Doron Sadja. This seven track record explores the unwanted artifacts of digital processes. Mp3/internet compression, noise reduction, time stretching, etc – all byproducts and distortions that we tend to ignore in our routine engagement with online media become compositional focal points – amplified and recontextualized to become musical building blocks.

small wonders is the first new record since Sadja’s 2014 album, Breath Heart Skin – but this lack of releases was not from inactivity. Quite prolific in the realms of performance and installation, much of Sadja’s work in the interim has dealt with site specificity, multichannel sound, high intensity light projections, and immersion – all of which do not lend themselves to the medium of stereo recorded audio. In part driven by Covid19 and the cancellation of all concerts and exhibitions, small wonders marks Doron Sadja’s return to the recorded medium.

<listen to track 1: missed connections>


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<small wonders track listing>

1> missed connections
2> sacred practices
3> seeing hearings
4> fertile grounds
5> in versions
6> focal points
7> never endings