Residuals is a four movement, hyper-emotive, ultra-synthetic landscape. Doron’s first solo electronics release since 2003′s “a piece of string, a sunset” on 12k – and it’s in that same realm that his endlessly imaginative sound design shines brightest. Slowly lifting off from near silence into an ethereal vacuum of swirling cacophonies and multi-tonal noise, “Residuals” never lets go. Romantic synthesizer harmonies, extreme frequencies, spectral chord blasts, and ultra-high synthesized feedback combine to form structures so innately organic that it’s easy to forget that a human (or a computer, for that matter) had anything to do with it.

In the years since his last release, Doron has not been idle, in fact he’s been active across mediums: co-founding the West Nile (now “285 Kent”) performance space in Brooklyn, collaborating in the groups Symbol and Ganjatronics, exploring video and performance art in his gallery and installation work (see “The Slowest Kiss” and “Crybaby”, or his duo with Alfredo Marin “Alfi & Waldi” and their “Original S(t)IN(k)”). But what’s striking about Residuals is how singular, focused and exciting these sounds are – evocative of early Autechre mixed with Alva Noto plus a little Badalamenti new-age bliss… Each sound given space, each movement given the time it needs, blooming naturally and with purpose.

We haven’t been this inspired since those early ’00s milestones – “Endless Summer”, “Sheer Hellish Miasma”, “Confield”, “Ovalprocess” – when the coolest instrument on stage was a laptop… Perhaps with “Residuals”, we will have a renaissance?

First 200 CDs are housed in a deluxe, oversized sleeve with by digital prints (three – one is hidden!)



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