A multichannel streaming performance for We’re All Bats.
March 9th @ 7:00pm UK Time



“IN PIECES” is a streaming performance/installation designed to turn the entirety of each audience member’s house into a spatial sound work – without any special equipment. The work takes advantage of the technologies people already have available (laptops, cell phones, tablets, TV, smart watches, etc) and the site specificity of each person’s home to create a large-scale interactive home listening experience.



Connect all available devices with speakers (e.g. computer, cell phone, tablet, television, smart watch, etc) to one of the provided twitch streams. Any device can choose any stream – and duplicating streams across devices is also encouraged.

Place each device around your desk/house/room/yard/etc.

Wander freely. Listen to the sounds react in space and time. 


Move devices around.
Put a device in your bathtub. Listen to it resonate your bathroom.
Every once in a while switch streams on devices.
Reload a stream: since each device has a different delay time, reloading a stream repositions the delay times and affects the composition.
Put a device under your bed.
Put a device in your fridge. Open and close your fridge repeatedly.
Lay all your devices in a line along the floor and pace back and forth.
Run around your room / room to room.
Hide a device and forget where you put it.
Load a stream (on one or more devices) that isn’t part of this performance and let it collaborate with the piece for a while.
Change the volume on each device.
Place devices in a circle on the floor. Place a swivel chair in the center. Swivel.
Unplug your internet router and see which device stops first.
Plug your internet router back in and see which device starts first.
Turn off all the lights in your house.
Place a device in a plant.
Create a choreography of movement between all the devices.
Place a device out of reach.
Play one stream on all devices simultaneously.
Play all streams simultaneously on one device.
Is your phone waterproof? Put it in a large glass or tub of water. Listen above water. Listen underwater.
Turn on all the lights in your house.
Put a device high up. Put another device low down. Jump up and down.
Put a device in a pot, large bowl, cup, or trash bin.
Bluetooth speakers don’t have passwords – try to take over a neighbor’s bluetooth speaker to ‘share’ the performance with them.
Ignore all these suggestions.