Berlin/Los Angeles

Doron Sadja is an American artist, composer, educator, and instrument designer whose work explores modes of perception and the experience of sound, light, and space.  Working primarily with multichannel spatialized sound – combining pristine electronics with lush romantic synthesizers, extreme frequencies, dense noise, and computer-enhanced acoustic instruments, Sadja creates post-human, hyper-emotive sonic architecture. Although each of Sadja’s works are striking in their singular and focused approach, his output is diverse: spanning everything from immersive multichannel sound pieces to sexually provocative performance / installation works, and stroboscopic smoke, mirror, laser, and projection shows.

Doron runs the Sound Portraits lecture listening series and online radio show which examines the life and work of different iconic electronic music composers each month.  He is a teacher at Catalyst Institute for Art and Technology in Berlin where he teaches Creative Technologies in their Masters Degree Program, and Electronic Music Performance and Composition in their Bachelors Degree Program.

Doron currently runs Faded Instruments, a VST/AU design company that creates experimental instruments and effects. He runs the Dissolving Sounds blog on sound and light art. He also co-founded Shinkoyo Records and the West Nile performing arts venue in Brooklyn, and has curated various new music/sound festivals around NYC, including the multichannel SOUNDCORRIDORS Festival, Easy Not Easy, John Cage Musicircus, and more.

Doron has published music on 12k, ATAK, and Shinkoyo records, and has performed/exhibited at PS1 MoMa, Miami MOCA, Atonal Festival, D Museum, Hamburger Bahnhof, Norberg Festival, Cleveland Museum of Art, STEIM, EMS Stockholm, STUK, Center for Contemporary Art Amsterdam, Issue Project Room, and Roulette amongst others.

Sadja is currently based in Berlin and Los Angeles.

“Doron Sadja gives life to music which is difficult, powerful, intense and delicate – all at the same time.” Touching Extremes

“For Doron Sadja, out of the silence comes sound. And that sound builds into something magnificent.” Zaptown Magazine

“A truly transportive experience.” Portals


Breath Heart Skin on Soundcolourvibration

Breath Heart Skin on A Closer Listen

Curse Silence Like Light on Touching Extremes

Residuals on Foxy Digitalis

Residuals on Ad Hoc

Residuals on Fluid Radio







 Photo by Annemarie Blohm